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    • 湘西民族賓館

      Xiangxi National Hotel

    • 湖南農業大學

      Hunan Agricultural University

    • 非洲各國電信

      African Telecommunications

    • 南京有軌電車

      Nanjing tram

    • 長沙興業銀行

      Changsha Industrial Bank

    • 深圳惠普科技園

      Shenzhen HP Science Park


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    [email protected]


    Floor 6,Building A2,Hangcheng Industrial Xixiang ,BaoAn District.Shenzhen GuangDong ,China.

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     Shenzhen Netlink Communication Equipment Co. Ltd was founded in 2009 and is the sales center locating in Shenzhen. Our factory, Ningbo Netlink Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, and is situated in Xiaolin Development Zone Industrial Park, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. It is covering 6000 square meters with over 200 workers. Netlink is a high-tech enterprise engaging in R&D, manufacture, marketing of generic cabling system products, fiber optic accessories, telecommunication accessories and telephone accessories for over 15 years. Our main products are keystone jack, patch panel, face plate, lan cable, cable manager, crimp tool, cable tester, telecommunication module, distribution box, fiber optical products, telephone products. Our main market is in Russia, Brazil, Africa, Middle East, North America. Our business has enhanced to government, army, schools, post and telecommunications, finance, security, enterprises, hospitals and other industries in the past years. Affiliate enterprises: Ningbo Netlink Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. Netlink Industrial (HongKong) Co., Ltd.
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